How many attendees will Limicon 2024 reach by March 6th?
resolved Mar 6
Less than 150
500 or more

Limicon 2024 is an online convention that starts March 6th at 4pm ET.

As of Feb 17th, there are 80 attendees on the public network map.

How many will be listed on March 6th at 5pm ET? (one hour after the official start time)

Feb 22: 101 attendees

Feb 27: 114 attendees

Feb 28: smuggled this out of the (open) organizing meeting:

This graph appears to fairly-closely match the 128 entities currently on the public network map.

March 1: 134 attendees on the map

March 2: 139 attendees -- >150 looks very likely at this point IMHO

March 4: 180 attendees

March 5: 195 attendees

(For the purposes of this question, all entities count as attendees, whether they represent individuals or organizations. If the network map disappears, the question will resolve NA. If there's some other "more official" way of counting attendees used by event organizers, this question will stick with the network map as already described.)

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March 6th, 5pm Eastern:

222 on the network map!

I guess a lot of questions don't get seen very much? I guess I only see the popular questions, so, I wouldn't know about the long tail.


free mana I guess

(Adding a comment, possibly commenting notification are different than question-editing notifications)
180 today just now. I'd be open to early-resolving the "<150" option as false, but it doesn't look like that's possible in the resolving UI. Maybe this is the wrong question type for that.

Spent M100 on a "Boost" - this is my first question, I'm learning how all this works

Updated with a graph! Is that curve going to be an exponential or sigmoidal?? I'll let @duck_master (or anyone else) trade on this info. I myself am open to trading more, but I'm not trying to make any mana, just signal my beliefs as a fan/follower.

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I see that Peter L promoted his planned session today:
He has "1K+" substack subscribers and might motivate some folks. With about one week to go, I don't think 500 looks likely but I would expect some late stage acceleration as the kickoff approaches (which would, though, be counteracting an evident slowdown of initial enthusiastic early adopters).

Opening some positions to add subsidy and activity here.