Will this market get at least 100 unique traders by the end of 2022? [M$500 starting liquidity]
resolved Dec 29

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Alright, so it looks like giving markets additional liquidity doesn't help them get more traders, but advertising that liquidity in the title likely does. That's good to know.

Now go trade in my other 4 test markets so I can at least partially recoup the massive liquidity subsidies I put into them. :)

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@IsaacKing Is there a chance that you might resolve this market to No?

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@tornado Seeing as he hasn’t resolved yet, and there’s two stats one could plausibly count as “unique traders”, and one of them may still go down or up before the 31st, maybe?

@tornado Looks like it's guaranteed to resolve YES at this point, I just hadn't gotten around to it.

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@IsaacKing please resolve these markets)

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Why is this at 97%?

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@EdwardKmett I was reading "users" and seeing 77 i thought that was the number of traders

@Simon1551 Users just shows current users with active positions. If you buy and then sell out, you show up on the Traders in the market details tab but not on the current trader count on the front page.

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@EdwardKmett thanks I figured after I saw the picture

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Will resolution be based on the number of unique traders shown here? (95 right now)

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@YannisToledo Oh wow, an inconsistency. 😑

I wonder if one of those (95 and 75 right now) is traders including those who have zero mana betted (or orders active?) and the other is only those with active bets.

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@degtorad 75 are traders who currently hold shares. 95 include all traders who have ever held any shares. Which means 20 had sold their shares and do not currently hold any.

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@XComhghall but 95 is the number that matters here, right? Since whether or not they sold, they're still unique traders who participated in the market?

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Give more likes to the market so we can get our fake dollars faster. Stop like my comments, smooth brains

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The NO team will be their own doom

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Like and share it YES team

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@9d58 Nøøøø 😢 Black swans everywhere!