Will this market ever reach 100%?
resolved Apr 18

Based on the probability displayed by the graph.

Ignores the first hour after market creation, to give people a chance to place limit orders.

Get แน€500 play money

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Isaac King
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Plasma Ballin'predicted YES

@IsaacKing This can resolve YES.

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Abought แน€15,000 of YES

Reached 100% at 12:24, market created at 11:23:46

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Abought แน€0 of NO
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Apredicted YES
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Abought แน€500 of YES

@A Just to be clear -- the criteria for this market to resolve YES have already been met! Why do people keep betting NO?

(past like 99% anyways, I can understand that as a general "just in case" strategy)

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Jacksold แน€2,049 of YES

Somehow I've made M$100 profit just betting after the outcome was determined. What are people doing lol.

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Isaac King

This gives me an idea...

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Isaac King

@A Currently has a balance of M$16,474, so if the NO traders want to avoid a repeat of last time they should probably put at least M$200 in limit orders at 99%.