Will there be a third official Manifold derivative product before June?
Jun 2

The first two were Manifund.org and Manifold.love.

If there's already a third one I'm unaware of, it doesn't count and this market is about whether a new one is made.

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So does manifoldpolitics.com count? It's just a redirect, so I'm not really sure.

@DanMan314 Doesn't seem distinct enough

it seems like politics is coming

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Would manifold.jobs or manifold.careers kind of thing count as 3rd?

@firstuserhere Yep! If it's at a new URL that includes the word "manifold" or a riff on that word, was made by a group of people that includes at least one Manifold dev, and has crossover in features and/or userbase, it'll almost certainly count.