Will the Crystal Ballin’ podcast have any Manifold founder on as a guest before June?
resolved Jul 24

Refers to the air date of the episode, not the recording date.

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bingeworthy avatar
bingeworthypredicted NO

Chance of this = 24%, chance of any episode before June = 12%. Another great day on Manifold

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwards

There is an interview in the works, just waiting the Manifold team to get back to me with a time.

Conflux avatar
Confluxbought Ṁ15 of NO

Most of my doubt is that Crystal Ballin' doesn't release an episode by end of June, not so much that the Manifold team wouldn't want to come on

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Wobbles avatar
Wobblesbought Ṁ70 of YES

@Conflux Copium

IsaacKing avatar
Isaacpredicted YES
BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardspredicted YES

@Conflux I think we can get one out by the end of April, but we will see....

BTE avatar
Brian T. Edwardsbought Ṁ35 of YES

@Austin has to be a guest on the first episode to explain the Manifund project that funded it!!

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Austin avatar

@BTE haha not sure about the very first episode, but happy to come on sometime!