Will New Zealand allow any nuclear bombs or nuclear reactors inside its territory before 2030?


Refers to whether such an object actually enters their territory with permission, not just whether it's allowed in theory. Includes fusion reactors.

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What if such an object enters their territory even though it is not allowed?

@Yev Nope. Must be allowed.

Anyone know whether fusion reactors are currently prohibited? Unsure how to resolve in that case.

@IsaacKing From the above Wikipedia article, second paragraph:
The nuclear-free zone Act does not prohibit nuclear power plants, nuclear research facilities, the use of radioactive isotopes, or other land-based nuclear activities.[6]

@NcyRocks Interesting. That directly contradicts the first paragraph right before it.

Under the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987,[1][2] territorial sea, land and airspace of New Zealand became nuclear-free zones.

Yeah, it's a common misconception that New Zealand's definition of 'nuclear-free' thing includes power stations, but it doesn't. It does include nuclear-powered ships.

It's pretty clear-cut if you read the Act itself here (sections 5-7).

@IsaacKing That said, I don't see one being built any time soon.

@NcyRocks Thanks. I'll go ahead and include fusion power plants, and I've clarified the description that I care about what actually gets built or moved, not just allowed.

@NcyRocks I reckon most NZ voters would be surprised to learn that, and not in a good way

predicts YES

@IsaacKing "will nuclear power plants still be nuclear-free in 2032?"