What changes to my Manifold dashboard, if made, will be cited as a positive in the next Community Fund payout?
Jan 16
Add an option to display each answer on a multiple-choice market as its own row in the search results.
Add fuzzy searching that can catch typos and synonyms
Add cleverer hyphen parsing in the date fields, so that people can enter things like "2023/01/01-2024/01/01" or "-1y-1y".
Dark Mode
Add a tiny graph/sparkline on each row to show how the market has changed recently
Add a "concise mode", which removes all extraneous text from the table, like the percent sign, M$ sign, etc. and aligns them all nicely
Open markets in new tab by default
Fix the dashboard to actually work, and add a description of its functionality to the docs page
Add support for arbitraging similar markets/answers, either treating them as summing to 1 or specifying a target relative change percentage.
Let a user filter to markets in which they have positions
Add direct links to user profile and/or group pages, maybe accessible by shift-clicking on them.
Fix the graphical issues that cause fields to unfocus and dropdown menus to disappear each time new data is loaded
Include all unlisted markets
Add an option to change the height of each row such that it's proportional to the width of the interval between the previous market's close time and the next market's close time, so distance down the page represents time in the future.
Change "groups" to "topics" and use that consistently
A column to display the market price X amount of time ago, input by the user
Add some way for clicking on a group or creator to wipe the rest of the search. Maybe shift-click? Or maybe it should be the default?
Option to display close/creation/last update time in absolute terms rather than relative
Let people see the profit of a selected user in each market
Add an OR conjunction for search terms, so people can search for something like "question includes 'altman' OR 'OpenAI'"

Manifold is awarding $30,000 over three months to projects designed to benefit the Manifold community. The next payout date is January 15th, and that's the one this market will resolve based on. I submitted my custom search function and trading dashboard for a grant under this project.

Before the payouts are decided on, I'll ask everyone involved with the decision to mention which specific features they liked. Any that are mentioned as a positive resolve YES. The rest resolve NO.

(This includes moderators or anyone else that the payouts are delegated to. Any official writeup counts. Unofficial statements also count as long as they were made by someone without a YES stake in that feature, and I don't suspect they're an attempt to manipulate this market.)

A valid answer to this market is a feature suggestion or bug report. Any answer that is not implemented at close resolves N/A. Any answer that I implement and then revert before close due to negative feedback resolves NO. Any answer that is a duplicate of an existing answer, or that I had already implemented before submission, will resolve N/A. Feel free to submit variants on existing answers if you think the difference is relevant.

In the event of ambiguous statements from the judges, I will interpret them in the direction of having half of the implemented changes resolve YES and half resolve NO.

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Hmm, looks like it was only the moderator bulk actions and group sorting.


can you explain this one a bit more? (or has this already been done given there's a "group" search field now)

@AndyMartin It's been added, that's what the "bulk actions" button does.

Change "groups" to "topics" and use that consistently

@AndyMartin Hmm, that appears to be an unrelated bug, sorry about that. I'll try to get that fixed soon.

this is one I think I'd regularly use - feel free to DM if you want more info or a beta tester

@AndyMartin Could you provide an example of how this would be useful to you? How would it work exactly?

@IsaacKing The general purpose/use would be to let folks more closely follow a subset of markets, while letting users experiment & define the subset with a query on your dashboard.

In the HN example above, whenever a post reaches 100 upvotes, it gets added to the RSS feed and shows up in my feed reader - this lets me follow all "somewhat newsworthy-ish" things that get posted without being overwhelmed by all content.

Some possibly interesting things to do on Manifold:

Being able to define custom RSS feeds like this is way more flexible than what seems like will be possible soon through "native" manifold notifications.

Added a column for a market's creation time, if you want to see that.

Fix the dashboard to actually work, and add a description of its functionality to the docs page


Subtle invisible changes, like bug fixes or UX changes, are unlikely to be cited as reasons for awards but can still contribute a lot. How would resolve options like those?

@oh If they're not mentioned at all, they all resolve NO. If they're mentioned in a vague way, like "I like how much you've spiffed up the look of the site", then I'll resolve any that seem like plausible contributors to YES. For any that are borderline, that's what this line is intended for:

In the event of ambiguous statements from the judges, I will interpret them in the direction of having half of the implemented changes resolve YES and half resolve NO.

@IsaacKing Thanks!

This has been added.

I want to add "Make a userscript for manifold.markets which overrides Manifold's search with your search" but out of mana

@bohaska Added!

In the mean time, people can set up Chrome or Firefox to search in my tool directly from the search bar using the "custom search engine" thing in the browser settings. So for example you just need to type "control + l, m, altman, enter" and you'll see a list of markets about altman.

(I know you already know about that, just mentioning it for others.