Spindle impersonation contest [M$1000 liquidity subsidy]
resolved Jan 29

I would like to reward Spindle for their many important contributions to Manifold Markets. To that end, I have provided this market with M$1000 in liquidity, and I plan to resolve it according to Spindle's wishes.

Unfortunately, I have recently become afflicted with a strange ailment; I can no longer read anyone's username. I will rely on behavioral clues among the traders in this market to determine the most likely identity of Spindle and follow that user's instructions for market resolution. I trust no one will attempt to mislead me.

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spindle is like the armond white of manifold

bought Ṁ10 of YES

Hey Isaac I am Spindle, can you resolve this market at 70%?

I sent this comment away for linguistic analysis and it appears you're not Spindle.

bought Ṁ1,000 of NO

My behavioral cue is VERY SERIOUS tranches of mana that make WIGGLEZ.

@MartinRandall u cannot capture teh BRILLIANCE that iz ME

@Spindle r there WIGGLEZ?

Oh, this Spindle has provided a traunche! This is most compelling. The true Spindle often provides such traunches.

@IsaacKing senior wiggletologists have BEEN CONZULTED and concluded that this market DID NOT WIGGLE ENUFF.

Accounting for all the evidence, the results are conclusive. This is the true Spindle. How would you like this market to resolve?

@IsaacKing THE TRUTH will be DIZCOVERED: the troo answer is NO!

So it is done. And you didn't even turn a profit in this market! Truly, this must be Spindle.


@Conflux THE TRUTH will be DIZCOVERED: the troo answer is NO

Ah, this is definitely Spindle! No question about it. Unless you are subsequently discovered to be a FRAUD, you may tell me how to resolve this market, and I will resolve it thusly.

@IsaacKing THIZ MAN is FRAUDING and SCHEMING and sowing GENERAL DISARRAY and must be DELT WITH 4width. Plus we determined the longvol traunche whatever thing WAS NOT going 2 happen.

so there

- Skew

predicted NO

@Spindle THIZ FOOL. THIZ CRACKPOT. THIZ AMOGUS. Skew 4got 2 remove his zignature from this post, which NO TROO SPINDLE would EVER do, so clearly this user is NOT SPINDLE and may be FREELY IGNORED

@Conflux U R not fooling anyone sparky

Oh dear, now I'm not sure what to do. The Skew is telling me that this Spindle is not the real Spindle. But Spindle is telling me that that's not the real Skew? This is so confusing.