By the end of 2023, will any other market pertaining to the number "69" get more traders than mine?
resolved Dec 29

This market got 172 traders. If any other market (including another one of mine) about the number 69 gets more traders before the end of 2023, this resolves positively.

(This market itself doesn't count.)

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Resolves YES @IsaacKing

175 traders here:

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Seven nine more traders needed here to cross the threshold, if you haven't bet already:


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Additional question - would a market about nice numbers in general count? Or coverage of nice numbers? How specifically does it have to mention 69?

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@Conflux That'll count!

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You linked the wrong market in the description. I assume you mean /IsaacKing/will-this-markets-probability-be-at, which in reality received 174 traders

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If this market exceeds 172 traders, would that count?

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@Conflux No. This is not a market about the number 69, this is a market about markets about the number 69. (That's why I had included "other" in the title; I'll add that to the description as well.)