At the beginning of 2032, will people in the United States still be using physical coins or cash on a frequent basis?

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What does frequent basis mean? It seems that cash is already on the minority even today by some definitions:

@A Stores don't encounter it often, I don't see a good reason to carry it around with me anymore, stuff like that.

@IsaacKing You're going to need to add some metrics to this market to make it playable. The only cash I ever carry with me is from foreign countries, because I only ever take cash out when traveling abroad, so that's what sticks around in my wallet.

@jonsimon Any suggestions?

@jonsimon (also I'm glad to see that you didn't entirely abandon the platform following WvM)

@IsaacKing I haven't been carrying cash with me for years. Maybe do resolution like "out of X random people that I ask, Y will not have any cash with them" or the same but "haven't used cash in the last Z days"