Separations and divorces within the royal family in 2024?

Tracking predictions from the podcast Oh No, Ross and Carrie! episode 399. Transcript available at

Carrie Poppy: Oh my goodness. Jemima Packington, the Psychic from Bath, with a strange ability to predict the future by—are you ready?

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, I’m ready.

Carrie Poppy: Throwing asparagus spears into the air. And then based on how they land, she will be able to tell the future.

Ross Blocher: Asperomancy. Yeah, okay, alright.

Carrie Poppy: (Applauds.) Okay, here’s what she predicted. Again, with vegetables.

(They laugh.)

Prediction number one. “Separations and divorces are due within the royal family!”

Ross Blocher: Every time you hear one of these new predictions, just picture a little bundle of asparaguses falling to the ground and overlapping with each other.

I will resolve according to their evaluation in 2025 ("No" for a zero on their scale, "N/A" for one, and "Yes" for two)

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