Will Vladimir Putin visit North Korea before 2025?

Between date of question creation September 2023 and Dec 31st 2024.

Resolves based on credible news reports.

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According to his spokesman, Putin is "likely to discuss his soon-to-come visit to North Korea" with the Korean Foreign Minister who's currently visiting Moscow.

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Should have at least some correlation to this market, Putin NK visit seems extremely unlikely in case he doesn't win March 2024 elections.

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@HenriThunberg Some correlation, but not necessarily much - Putin might well visit NK as early as this year.

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@PS made another market for it 🤷‍♂️

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@HenriThunberg Nice!

(Also, on second thoughts, losing the election might make North Korea very attractive indeed :) )

@HenriThunberg there's close to 0% chance he doesn't win the election, unless he dies beforehand

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@jBosc yeah, at the time I wrote my comment the linked market was at 80% – and indeed if he dies beforehand he does not win the election nor go to North Korea.

I can specify Putin in a body bag going to North Korea doesn't count.

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