Will I maintain a Duolingo streak throughout 2024?
Decided to commit
  • I'm (re)starting at Level 17 of Russian. Will stick to either practicing or progressing to another language, if needed.

  • Feel free to ask for more information if needed.

  • I currently have two streak freezes available. Maintaining the streak, even with freezes, is what counts – not actually practicing every day.

  • I commit to only buying YES shares in this market.

  • Resolves YES by a screenshot of ≥364 days while in January 2025, otherwise NO.

  • I will inform this market as soon as my streak is broken, if it happens.

See below market for January 2024 only

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@HenriThunberg f*ck it, it's so easy keeping it up when including the streak freezes I might as well do it. Duolingo feels far from great for actually learning words, but making sure I read and listen to Russian every day seems quite helpful.