Will there ever be more Google search volume about AI Alignment than about Light Pollution, for any day before EOY 2024?
closes 2025

This resolves yes if Google Trends shows that the daily search volume about the "AI Alignment" topic was higher than that about the "Light Pollution" topic, for any day before the end of 2024.

Go here to see how they compared over the last 30 days:

Edit: this is about global search volume

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MatthewRitter avatar
Matthew Ritterbought Ṁ70 of NO

Try swapping in “Biosecurity” or “nuclear proliferation” as established important-but-wonky topics. We’re in a bubble for thinking about AI stuff regularly and I think it’s easy to overestimate how much other people are going to search for these relatively abstract phrases, even as they worry about jobs and other more concrete things

BrendanFinan avatar
Brendan Finanis predicting NO at 39% (edited)

HenriThunberg avatar
Henri Thunbergis predicting YES at 37%

Out of 4 times that "AI Alignment" has exceeded the global minimum of "Light Pollution", three have happened since mid-March. Plenty of time for stars to align either in 2023 or 2024 IMO.

Biggest worry: What's up with the seemingly relatively consistent rise of Light Pollution in 2023? If this is the new baseline then it'll be much harder to beat than the old "global minimum" of Light Pollution.

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Lilyis predicting NO at 43%

@HenriThunberg global minimum looks like it was on Christmas

Lily avatar
Lilyis predicting NO at 43%

the one day when light is considered holy, and not a polluting nuisance

MatthewRitter avatar
Matthew Ritteris predicting NO at 42%

@Lily So everybody who bet yes needs to create a global meme connecting Christmas day to “AI alignment”, to get a timely spike. If you can pull that off, I won’t even be mad to lose

Lily avatar
Lilyis predicting NO at 43%

if public interest in this spikes, I think "AI safety" is much more likely to catch on as the mainstream term than "AI alignment"

HarlanStewart avatar
Harlan Stewartis predicting YES at 38%

@Lily "AI alignment" is a search 'topic' on Google Trends. It's a collection of search terms related to the same thing. Trends doesn't say what search terms are included in a topic, but it does kind of look like "AI safety" is not included, from this


Lily avatar
Lilyis predicting NO at 38%

@HarlanStewart interesting, wonder what (if any) category "AI safety" would fall under, if not alignment - doesn't look like the more left-coded "AI ethics" is a topic either

Julian avatar

@Lily I agree but I don't think this is about what term "catches on". Since it only has to be for a single day I think the most likely scenario is a public figure/major publication uses the phrase which causes a bunch of people who don't know what it is to go and look it up.

TobiasHaeberli avatar
Tobias Häberli

Google Trends only aggregates on a weekly basis, not daily?

My p(daily) is significantly higher than p(weekly).

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firstuserhereis predicting NO at 35%

@TobiasHaeberli there's an option for the past hour, past 4 hours, past day, past week, past month, etc etc. So each day's results will be a part of tomorrow's aggregate

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firstuserheresold Ṁ98 of NO

@TobiasHaeberli also if you want, you can just download the data... as a csv, and it will allow you to see each individual day's data

TobiasHaeberli avatar
Tobias Häberli

@firstuserhere huh, weird. I don't have this option and the .csv was aggregated on a weekly basis.

firstuserhere avatar

@TobiasHaeberli top right (1st of the 3 options)

TobiasHaeberli avatar
Tobias Häberli

@firstuserhere Oh yeah, I'm stupid and got confused with the date format. Thank you!

firstuserhere avatar

@TobiasHaeberli yeah no worries!

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