Will Melina and Destiny stop seeing each other before 1/1/2024?
resolved Dec 11

Idea credit: Dan the Man

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Why is this being prematurely resolved to "yes" when the year clearly isn't even over? They basically confirmed they won't get a divorce for now and I know many couples that have gone through similar rough patches like this one and resolved their issues. Just look at xQc and adept

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@assassin They have already stopped seeing eachother. Even if they get back together, they will already have split up

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Not necessarily, Destiny could be lying to his audience about the breakup, he's done before like the JBP debate or the Lauren Southern baby

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@Tumbles tbf they may not have watched the stream today, or been in DGG Chat or 𝕏 for the last 1-3 weeks.

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@Gustav appears to be inactive, hasn't posted for a year. I've sold out of these destiny breakup markets for now, as someone who only casually follows all this.

As a mod, I'd be pretty fast to resolve this to Yes based on what's already happened. Does anyone want to make an argument for No?

@Joshua Was thinking the same thing, but wanted to make sure no new info was released that showed otherwise on his first stream back. Looking back, this market could obviously have been worded clearer, would like to hear peoples arguments as well.

@Gustav Oh, welcome back!

@Joshua He confirmed she moved out and blocked him on all platforms. I'd say they are not seeing each other. (I was watching the stream)

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@Joshua Might end up back together before the end of the year, would've waited but that's just me.

@BoxSox If you watched the stream......

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@SirCryptomind it's just a hiccup in the road

@BoxSox 🤣

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Resolve this shit bih

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😭 Congrats to the winners

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@MarkoMk0 Dog what the fuck is the larger context of this 😭

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@Daltonis mels gonna mel

@dgga I read more logs of that chat and yeah it do seem that way 💀
Steven is gonna get so much clowning over this on Twitter

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rn selling shit i own to buy more NO. Doubters about to eat a GRAND MEAL with this one

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@BryceBowemd39 i shoulda never placed that limit order lois worst misstake of my freakin life

Care to disclose context around Dan coming up with this?