Will Trump say GPT?
Dec 1

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(Note that "GPT" is a substring of "ChatGPT", so if Trump says the latter he also has to say the former.)

"A lot of people were saying, China is beating us in A.I. China is beating us in A.I., and a lot of the fake news Democrats, just look at the disaster that's going on at the border, just look at what's going on with Ukraine it's a disaster...a of people were saying, Sleepy Joe Biden, as they call him, Sleepy Joe, he was asleep at the wheel on A.I. and he just wants China to roll us over, oh I bet Hunter would love that wouldn't he folks? Hunter would love that. I knew that we need to make our military stronger and we need to fight against the China A.I. so that's why I helped A.I., I really did, it was historic, I helped the A.I. grow and a lot of people were telling me, "don't do this, no don't do this, don't do that," but I knew we need to fight against it, so that's why we put a lot of money on A.I. and that's why we have the G.P.T. and Elon Musk and all these other things today and why Sam Open is out there, Sam Open is out there with the G.P.T. and he gave me a call and I said, "who is Sam Open?" but he gave me a call and thanked me for all of the great A.I. we created. Of course none of the fake news will tell you this, none of the Democrats or Ron Sanctamonious will say this, but he really did, he really did G.P.T."