Will a nuclear weapon be detonated while Biden is President?

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Do tests count?

@Lorelai yes. The question does not exclude them

predicts NO

The last detonation was in 2017 by north korea I think? It’s been 7 years, and biden will stay president for either 1 more year or ~5 years, at 50/50 odds. 5-6 detonations since 2000s, all by north korea. If north korea calmed down a little it wouldnt be surprising for none to be detonated while biden is still president

NO if not by close

If Biden loses the 2024 election, will this market remain open (in case Biden wins a future election), or will it resolve to NO (assuming no detonation has occurred)?

@Boklam @Gigacasting If Trump finds out that you didn't assume Biden was going to lose in 2024 you will probably get banned from MAG-A-lago.

Does this include test detonations?

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