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closes Jan 1, 2025
AI Newspaper by 2025

At least 20 articles by day. >1m Twitter followers. Better than many mainstream publications.

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firstuserherebought Ṁ10 of YES

Using twitter followers might not be a great metric tbf

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Jon Simon

Where is it sourcing it's news from? Conventional newspapers have to go out and interview people. AIs won't be doing that autonomously any time soon.

On the flip side if you just been a glorified news aggregator that rewrites preexisting articles, then sure.

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David Kbought Ṁ1 of YES

@jonsimon Most cities are saturated with sensors so it's just a matter of connecting those feeds to an AI controller.

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Tom Cohen

Is it 100% AI ran (no humans in the loop at any point), or mostly AI ran (humans might be in the loop gathering data from real life sources)?