Will OpenAi release an app on the Mac App Store in 2024?

As far as I can tell OpenAI doesn't have any Mac apps on the Apple App Store as of now. They have released a ChatGPT app for iOS and iPad but all GPT powered Mac App Store apps are from 3rd parties.

If OpenAI releases a Mac app that doesn't have anything to do with GPT, this still resolves to "yes."

This market will resolve on Jan 1st, 2025.

Please leave any requests for clarification in the comments!

Edit: note that it must be on the App Store specifically.

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A screenshot from chatgpt right now

@YonatanCale Wow! I can't yet find it in the app store specifically. Please let me know if you see it there. It doesn't resolve to yes unless its in the official apple mac app store.

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George, did you finish the slides?

@thefigmaster Hahahaha

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hope to have the app soon