Will rawchickenexperiment eat raw chicken every day for 60 days without getting a tummy ache?
resolved Mar 19

As of right now they are on Day 26 with no tummy ache

for updates: https://www.instagram.com/rawchickenexperiment/

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How in the world did this guy survive? Maybe he already had salmonella so many times he's immune to it?

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@Gen finally time to resolve this cursed market lol

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They’re on day 60 and “haven’t even been mildly sick yet”

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50/60 now. The craziness continues.

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I watched one of the videos so you don't have to. 🤮

He's actually eating raw chicken breast,.with what appears to be salsa, shredded cheese and salami.

I haven't read too much into who they are or why they're doing this, but this is a super dangerous message to send. If they make it to day 60 without getting sick and their takeaway is "raw chicken is safe to eat" they are needlessly endangering whomever might listen to them. As @Nikos pointed out in the comments, salmonella isn't uncommon in completely food-safe chicken. And it's not just a "tummy ache." For children, older adults, and anyone who isn't otherwise healthy, it's a very serious illness.

Don't mean to soapbox, but I hope this isn't their goal.

cursed market 😂 they're up to day 40 now with no tummy ache

Yikes. I was looking at the latest Salmonella test results. [1] It looks like there are a number of facilities in category 3:

> Category 3: Establishments that have exceeded the maximum allowable percent positive during the most recent completed 52-week moving window.

Are you wondering what the allowable percent is? Its 25%!! [2] Clearly they are not getting their chicken from those places or they'd be sick already. The best category is 1 at < 12.5% of samples testing positive.

Let's be generous (I think?) and give their chicken a 5% chance of being Salmonella positive. That would be a 25% chance of them making it through to this point without getting sick. 5% chance of them making it to 60 days without getting sick.

But they are already halfway through?? That seems pretty unlikely, so I must be missing something.

1 - https://www.fsis.usda.gov/science-data/data-sets-visualizations/microbiology/salmonella-verification-testing-program-monthly

2 - https://www.fsis.usda.gov/sites/default/files/media_file/2020-12/FSIS%20Salmonella%20Categorization%20Process%20for%20Raw%20Chicken%20Parts%20and%20Comminuted%20Poultry%20Products%20.pdf

@Nikos I feel like this should either be at 5% or 95%. But I don't know which. I guess I'll just put some limit orders up at 50%.

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@Nikos I went through a similar journey..

  • he should get sick by the end

  • But he isn’t sick yet?

  • Bros invincible or he has some special chickens


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