Popularity contest: comment and get likes for free mana
Ṁ145 / 16584
bounty left
Auto-award enabled
Ṁ7 per hour
paid in proportion to comment likes

You can comment whatever you like, I'm just interested in seeing what happens 😃

Idk how adding to the bounty works for this, but I intend to add to the bounty once more people are involved so that late joiners have a reasonable chance (edit: it looks like it's pretty fair anyway, so I've continued to add very early)

Get Ṁ600 play money
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If you press the three dots in the top right it opens a menu where there is an "unwatch" button so you don't keep getting notifications from people spamming comments.


If you like this comment and then reply to it, I'll like your reply.



You now know that you can't sell out of the new numeric market type. Thank me with a like, please!



This is a good idea. I've made a similar contest for One Piece to help you wait the 3-week break


That guy who replied to his post 100x and gave a reward to anyone who liked all the comments is literally getting thousands of mana right now

It's kinda crazy how much he's making off of this


I want mana!


Please don’t give me any mana.


I love mana. Please give me 100 mana!


I like cats


A human neuron is roughly the same size relative to the Planck length as the observable universe is relative to a neuron


If you like this comment and my ten replies, I'll bet on ten of your markets