Will any company be GDPR fined for inputting personally identifiable information into ChatGPT before 2030?

The market resolves to "Yes" if, by the end of December 31, 2029, at least one company is officially fined by a GDPR enforcement body for a breach that involved inputting personally identifiable information (PII) into ChatGPT, leading to a violation of GDPR. It resolves to "No" if no such fine has been publicly reported or confirmed by that date.


This market assesses the potential legal repercussions for companies that input PII into ChatGPT, focusing on GDPR compliance and data privacy issues. It reflects concerns about the intersection of AI technology usage and personal data protection.

Additional Notes:

- Credible sources for market resolution include public records, official GDPR enforcement notices, and reputable news outlets.

- "Personally identifiable information" is understood as any data that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context, according to GDPR.

- The definition of a "fine" includes any financial penalty levied by GDPR enforcement authorities for non-compliance that directly relates to the act of inputting PII into ChatGPT.

This market concept is aimed at gauging perceptions of regulatory risks associated with using AI platforms like ChatGPT in handling PII, against the backdrop of GDPR's strict data privacy rules.

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