Will a play money alternative to manifold appear before 2025?

Also resolve yes if it already exists.

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@derikk there is no website yet...

@FranklinBaldo There definitely was (https://brierfoxforecast.ngrok.app/) though the site seems to be down right now. @AmmonLam @BTE?

@derikk https://websim.ai/c/TfbHDaMP1eOR3pLoo

I found a lot of alternatives to manifold market in the websim.ai search engine

@FranklinBaldo you may wish to extend the market close date until 2025, it's currently set to close this month.

@chrisjbillington thank you.

If anyone is building out a Manifold challenger with an eye to improving public sanity, please talk to me about the features I'd want to add for that purpose.

@EliezerYudkowsky I'm not building anything but I'd still be very interested to hear your ideas if you feel like posting them!

Also curious what explicit criticism you might have of Manifold as it is now if anything.

If Manifold reverts to play money, would that count?

Limitless’s coming

@DimaHorshkov tell me more

@FranklinBaldo besides Metaculus, which doesn't use any currency, there's a new platform on the horizon called Limitless. I'm actually a part of the Limitless team. It's not just a play money prediction market platform; we're planning to offer the flexibility to choose any collateral token for your markets. For example, when you create a market, you'll have the option to select any cryptocurrency as collateral. Additionally, you'll be rewarded with that currency based on the market volume. We have an X account to follow news https://twitter.com/trylimitless. We're about to launch very soon. Please let me know if you want to become a creator of new markets there.

@DimaHorshkov I don't see the play money aspect in your docs or on your site -- am I missing something here?

@OwenHenahan if you can choose any token, you can use a garbage token, though with crypto you do run the risk that people will suddenly start pretending it's money

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Metaculus exists

@Odoacre metaculus has no currency

@FranklinBaldo it used to have something called tachyons, but yeah it seems like they're gone. I do agree metaculus is a poor replacement. Somehow it is utterly boring.

@Odoacre tachyons were not used for bets. They were for unlocking the special instruments, at least when i started to use it. That is not a currency, that is "unlock points".

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