When will I have my first robot haircut?
Before 2050
Before 2040
Before 2030

As the frontier of robotics advances, the idea of robot-assisted personal care, including haircuts, is becoming increasingly plausible. This market is created to forecast when I, the initiator of this market, will experience my first haircut performed by a robot.

As an enthusiast for technological innovations and an early adopter of new services, I am keen to experience robotic haircut services as soon as they become commercially available at a price point I find accessible.

I will extend the market duration.

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How does this market resolve if you upload your consciousness to cyberspace and your virtual self gets a haircut there, like we can in GTA 5?

@pietrokc the situation you describe does not count. But it would count if we discover we don't live in base reality and I have a robot haircut here in this simulation.

I don't even want to bet, this is a great market. Have an extra 100 mana subsidy.

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