Will Pisco get a real job by the end of 2024?

Currently, Pisco is a Redditor who likes to LARP as a lawyer. He went to or goes to law school, but instead of working full time or interning at a law firm, he talks to gamers online about the ethics of beastiality and incest. When he’s not doing that, he tries to jump start his DOA Twitch channel. He’s also known for being confidently wrong on every legal subject he tries to chime in on. He is the lovechild of Dunning and Kruger.

Resolves yes if by the end of the year, Pisco turns his life around and proves that he works at a law firm 20+ hours per week. Has to be a law firm, McDonalds doesn’t count.

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LMAO I love Pisco, but I also love this market. And I love you, FoxKHTML