Will there be 1000+ rowi (rarest type of kiwi bird) by end of 2035?
Dec 31

There were estimated 165 in the 90s and 600 in 2019. Will the population be 1000 or more by the end of 2035?

I will resolve according to Wikipedia or the New Zealand Department of Conservation. If I (and commenters) can't find an updated estimate that is over 1000, market resolves NO shortly after the start of 2036 (to give us time to find evidence). Market will resolve YES early if estimates greater than 1000 come or early, so this is about whether the population will pass 1000, not whether it will still be that high in 2035.


I may trade in this market. I will adjust close date when I'm at a computer because it's tedious to do it on a phone.

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