Will Yamato be alone on chapter 1115's cover story?
resolved May 23

⚠️Yamato must be present and alone. Silhouettes from afar will resolve the question in NO. Animals don't count. Zoan users in animal form do count.

🔒Question will close the Monday before the spoilers come out, with resolving happening throughout the week as soon as the answer is confirmed

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@FYNOP i have created a dashboard for quicker resolving one piece questions, and will be adding your weekly questions to it, in order for users interested in quick resolving OP questions to find what they want in one place.
If you don't like this idea its ok i can just remove them.
Otherwise feel free to promote it in the description or do anything and i ll keep updating it after every release.
[Short Fuse] One Piece

@Gergar Thanks, that's a great idea! I was looking for this kind of questions when I first joined Manifold. If this dashboard can motivate more people to create good markets I'm very excited about it