Will any Hamas terrorists be arrested in the US in the next year? (Oct 8th, 2024)
Oct 16

A number of US pundits and politicians have suggested that Hamas may be plotting terror attacks inside the US or otherwise infiltrating the US. Will any of them be arrested for that within a year of the Hamas attacks on Israel?

The arrest must take place no later than 2024-10-08; the charges must include terrorism-related charges; and there must be evidence presented as part of the indictment, arrest warrant, or judicial proceeding that the person was affiliated with Hamas. The close date is left open a bit longer to allow for reporting delays. It will be extended if there is a reported arrest where it isn't yet clear whether it qualifies.

A conviction is not required, merely an arrest with the evidence presented. Accusations by politicians, pundits, or news media are not adequate; the accusation must take the form of charges filed or evidence presented to a court or judge, as part of an arrest warrant, indictment, or trial.

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