If SF's DA, Chesa Boudin, is NOT recalled, in 2023 will have the same or less crime as 2019.
Jun 10
M$380 bet
This question resolves yes if all of the following are true: - Larceny-Theft is less than or equal to 64,000 - Burglary is less than or equal to 4644 - Auto theft is less than or equal to 4249 - Aggravated Assault is less than 2514 This question resolves N/A if Chesa Boudin is not recalled. Jun 7, 10:20am: Correction: The if the DA IS recalled, this question resolved to N/A. Jun 7, 11:53am: Source for data: https://sfgov.org/scorecards/public-safety/violent-crime-rate-and-property-crime-rate
Evan Conrad is betting YES at 83%
Resolving this to N\A because chesa was recalled. I would encourage folks here to bet on this market, which bets if crime will go down now that he is recalled: https://manifold.markets/EvanConrad/if-sfs-da-chesa-boudin-is-recalled