Will two people who first meet in person at Manifest 2023 be dating in June 2024?
Jul 2

they should post here, or someone who knows about it, if it's public, can post.

Any time in june, and seriously, no tricks. They should have been dating romantically for at least 3 months prior to that, too.

The prior relationship must have been non-sexual, non-romantic, and online only, if anything. They must really both meet and spark it off together for the first time at Manifest 2023.

They don't have to be intense Manifold users or people necessarily - but they must meet first either physically at, or very closely associated with, Manifest 2023 (for example an after-party or a dinner afterwards). And they must both be Manifest 2023-associated somehow (i.e. maybe tagging along with a manifold friend). If someone ends up marrying their Uber driver to the event, it doesn't count.

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any insight here? any new romance after Manifest 2023? maybe a Manifest 2024 rekindling?