Will Tesla deliver more than 5000 Cybertrucks in H1 2024?
Jul 31

Market will remain open until we know clearly how many were delivered.

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@Ernie Think that should be enough to resolve this, given this is how troy teslike produced his production numbers.

highest VIN: 10979 (05/01)

There may be some gaps, perhaps particularly prior to 800, but I would suggest not over 50% of all 10979. Also are some not delivered but unlikely to be over a weeks worth of production so perhaps ~1k ish.

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Tesla will likely never disclose the exact number (they will be reported in sum with models X and S). How will you resolve the question? "We know clearly" might be tricky in case of a close result.

People are tracking VIN numbers, but who's numbers are you going to use?

I'd suggest this guy: https://twitter.com/TroyTeslike

@Prin seems reasonable. If it's close there will be time for commenters to submit evidence