Will someone coming from each of the 6 major continents of the world attend Manifest 2024?

Please post info on it, yourself or others.

It should be someone who literally traveled to manifest from that continent.

Excluding Antarctica

NO if no manifest 2024.

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I found the last one, resolves yes. Jade is from South America, I'm from Asia, Rana is from Europe, lots from North America, and multiple people at registration said they checked in from Africa

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@colorednoise Australia?

@Bayesian oh sorry, but there are lots

@colorednoise I'm not going to rush either way but it would be nice if we knew at least something about the claimed people who flew here from Africa, oz, South America

The one from Africa is from South Africa. People from Australia: Caltin, Isabella

@ManifestConference joiners please check in your continent. I'll start;: North America

Which six continents?

@Elspeth all but Antarctica

@Ernie Can you list them?


  1. Asia

  2. Africa

  3. North America

  4. South America

  5. Europe

  6. Australia

predicts NO

@Ernie (it's a fair argument, since many cultures are taught different continents than we are in the US; continents are not as clearly delineated as we assume)

@Stralor They're even taught differently within the US! I attended public school in the US and my geography teacher taught that Eurasia is one continent and therefore there are six total.