Will someone come from Australia to attend Manifest 2024?

It should be someone who literally traveled to manifest from that continent.

NO if no manifest 2024.

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Huw EvansboughtṀ1,100YES

I'm from Aus and I'll see youse there

What if someone flies from New Zealand but stops off in Aussie on the way? Hypothetically, of course...

my vote is that this counts 😅

(hypothetically of course)

@shankypanky depends how long. if they were previously "living" in nz, and weren't "living in oz" in the meantime, it seems like it'd count. on the other hand if they go to oz for a year for school then fly to manifest, it wouldn't count as "having come from NZ" since it's required to count under "having come from australia" too

@Ernie but if they just stay a day or a week in australia on the way then it's fine. the point is it can't count as being from two places and we have to count it as the most "logical" place for them to be coming from considering all options