Will manifold make the notifications system significantly better by mid 2025? (subjective, to me, a creator?)

I use the general tab of notifs for a LOT of things!

As a creator, I need to answer trader questions.

Now, messages on markets I create are mixed into the general tab so are easy to miss. I'd like to have to consciously mark each comment like that as "read" or "unread" so I would be sure to never miss one. And I'd like them split out into their own area.

Think about it - these are the equivalent of messages on ebay from buyer to seller - the seller has to notice and reply otherwise the whole marketplace will lose faith in them as an honest dealer. But right now since there are so many other notifs, I'm at risk.

As a creator, I also like to track how much I've made in fees, etc from each market. This isn't possible right now since there isn't a way to aggregate all historical earnings (per day/month/total) by market or by topic, subject etc. but I think this should be fixed later on

As a creator, I'd like to know when I make mana in fees.

Currently there is no notification for this.

As a trader who comments, I want to know when people reply. Not vital, but useful. Just not nearly as important as when someone comments on my market.

As a trader who holds shares, I'd really, really like to know when a major holding of mine changes price. Currently there's no way to know. (I have holdings in something like 1500 markets, so I can't just eyeball the list). Also, the listings are always expressed as if I hold YES - which is super confusing if I hold NO. (If a market goes from 99.5 to 99.0 that's a tiny YES holder change. But for a NO holder that's 2x (200%).

As a calibration/bets-as-votes player, when I have put in 10m and LOST or WON, I really want to know. I would LOVE to see just "markets you bet in that got resolved" with columns for: You bet YES/NO, Market resolution YES or NO? Amount you won/lost. Right now it is SO hard to look back over my recent history of this kind of "I'll throw in 10m" markets and just see how I'm doing even at a bare YES/NO level, let alone including odds, to see if I'm guessing well.


I'll compare any new notifs systems to the current system; if they are NET better for me as a (creator + trader) then YES, otherwise NO. So that includes possibly removed features too.

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