The CCP itself will directly produce and raise children

IE rather than allowing citizens to have children, the govt or part of it (which includes all of civil aociety too) will itself commission embryos or surrogate mothers or artificial wombs to generate children.

The market is not restricted to these methods. The only requirement is that there should be a large program with at least 200 children reportedly born organized by the govt. Relying on western media.

Through end of 2035

Edit: there is no requirement to modify or not modify traditional families. It only matters if the govt program does it

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To clarify, where would welfare/incentive payments to families sit?

Also, where does the general practice of surrogate mothers come in? It’s illegal in China, but if it’s legalised (or an underground ring is found), will this question resolve to “yes” if 200 people (‘civil society’) used surrogates?

@24a I'm thinking if the primary organizers of the whole deal is a CCP rep that tend towards YES

But simply allowing surrogacy clearly isn't the govt making children since it's legal elsewhere and the claim is not true anywhere in earth afaik

YES is things either like this or as strong as this: Govt lab which located men and women or their sperm/eggs, combines them, supervises their bearing and upbringing

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