Ilya Sutskever and Andrej Karpathy back working together by mid 2025

Either joining the same company, starting one together or other method of being in the same organization.

The minimum participation level is "working". Participation levels that don't count:

  • Funding

  • Board seat

They both have to be a member of the org and doing work at the same time. Work means at least two days a week in general spending their time advancing the work of the organization as they should, in an organized way, and this must be overlapping time (in terms of dates) for them.

Orgs that count

  • Company - for profit or not

  • Vc group

  • Organization - lobbying group, research, think tanks

  • University - for example as founders, teachers, researchers

  • Starting a music school that uses AI

  • Etc. where they both do things at least partially related to their fame

Orgs that don't count

  • Totally unrelated things like sports clubs, reading groups on non ai / etc things, church menbership

  • Intermittent work recording online lessons for Khan academy

  • Etc

  • In different companies but both receive investments from same VC


Can resolve yes early or no early, but it has to actually start and them be doing work not just a plan for later


Public announcements, or other unquestioned statements that it is happening, basically I'll try to determine if it really is happening using all available methods, and then judge based on that

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would be cool to see


Let's get the band back together