By mid 2025 will there be city based problems for my dad his self-designed anti-raccoon front yard infrastructure?

The locals are fairly tolerant but how far are you allowed to go? He's built 3 ponds in his front yard (for fish, plants, etc) which the city accepts, after informing him if the 18 inch legal maximum depth rule. Each has its own individual protective netting secured with bricks, which did work, but was too restrictive of access. So now he's building a whole secure compound.

General location: this is in a smallish town suburb in the USA

Question: by mid-year 2025 will a neighbor or someone else have brought in the official busybody corps if city government to tell him he can't do what they don't like on his own land?

Following are some m Images:

The in-progress construction - previously, each of the 3 mini ponds was overgrown with various interesting plants, and full of different species of fish, snails, etc. and had its own individual defensive system. But now we have unified defense, the plants are pushed back a bit and there is a larger span of protection

The raccoon appears confused

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Somehow the busybody corps feels they have more rights to control our front yards. In my dad’s case he thought it would be fun to let all the tiny maple saplings grow into a front- (and side- and back-yard) forest. Nit permitted!

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Love the image on this one.

@Nikos Yes, if you mean the banner, it looks more like a racoon playground than off-limits!

The photo on the other hand looks pretty serious!