By mid 2024 will manifold creators be able to easily tell if a market they have is profitable?
Jul 1

As a creator I want to be able to tell how my markets are doing in mana terms, including spend for creation, extra answers, subsidy, boosts, etc. and also the total amount gained from trader bonuses (and other future potential reward systems). It would be even better to be able to see these on a chart, per market!

Right now it's not really possible. The data on new traders comes in in small chunks in my notifications (which are awesome! Not saying to remove that!) which isn't directly usable to determine a total. There's a log system which is great, but also would require quite a bit of manual work to roll up into a total.

I'd think this would be part of the metadata about a market? perhaps with info on the cost to create, etc.? so you could see your success rate.

Longer term, this whole "money for nothing" thing has got to go away. But even then, we'd probably offer market creators & judges a small percent of mana spent, perhaps with juicier percentages for the first 100 mana each unique user spends. This would be where that info would be stored, too.

This is what big market info looks like now:

It's fun but the market cost 2k or more to create, plus boosting etc. So I have no idea if I'm ahead now or ever. It would be useful if creators could measure and track what works for them.

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@Ernie I traded for the memes.

Here’s hoping 🤞

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