Will grok AI be available for general use in November 2023?
resolved Dec 1

Will an average person living in the US be able to access grok AI by x.ai in November of 2023?

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Update: I purchased Premium+. I’m not seeing Grok.

@ErikWilliams Did you contact customer support?

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normal people don't contact customer support
(/s a bit)

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@GordanKnott It will be only available to X Premium+ Subscribers only. So does that qualify as the average person living in the US. I think I am an average person, but will not be paying for Premium+ membership

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@Orca But will the average person be able to access it if they choose? We’ll see!

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@ErikWilliams I'm an average person on nov 30 at 11:43 pm and I cannot access it if I choose to, because I wasn't a premium+ user of X for many months

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@ErikWilliams What is definition of average person? Lots of people claim to be an average person.

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@TheBayesian Did you need to be a premium user for many months? I would say that is not average

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@ErikWilliams That sure as heck isn't average! and yeah as far as I know even people like that haven't had access to it yet, but it's been said those (non-normal people) would get access first... so this is free mana (afaict)

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@ErikWilliams btw is there a reason you keep the market open til december 2? like wouldn't it make more sense for it to close first thing on december 1st? up to you tho

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Even the biggest fans of Elon have to admit that the man never holds a promise haha especially when it comes to timing

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What does average person mean? Do you mean if you signed up for a new account in November and got access by the end of the month? I assume less than half the people in the US had an account already.

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@Eliza Good point. I assumed I was an average person and so if I get access then I will resolve to yes.

@ErikWilliams That sounds like a very solid plan. Have you attempted to sign up yet?

@ErikWilliams If all premium+ users in the US get access, does it resolve YES? Or do non-paying users have to get access too?

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@Simon74fe Sure. As long as I can get it. I will pay for blue on X on Nov 1st then see if I have access.

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@Eliza I am an X (non paying) user currently. How can you sign up for this?

@ErikWilliams I have no idea, I'm not a user. It looks like it is only going to "Premium+", which sounds like a cable package to me.

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@Belmiro Thank you. I plan on signing up on Nov 30 to test if there is access.

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