Will Primoz Roglic finish the 2024 Tour de France without crashing (during the race or prep)?
resolved Jun 4

A minor crash with no injuries will not affect this. If there is blood or any report of an injury, that will resolve it No. The time span in question is May, June, and July 2024, up to the end of the Tour de France.

He has to finish the Tour.

Crashes in training that are reported will resolve No unless it is reported as "no injuries".

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Roglic crashed today at the Dauphine. His interview is inconclusive about injuries, but the third photo clearly shows blood on his left leg. Resolves No due to blood from a crash in a race.

"It was just a hard start and then yeah, I just missed the road. I went a bit off the road," the Slovenian describes of his crash, which happened before any TV cameras were even rolling at the start of the day, in his post-stage interview. "The worst of it is I don't have really much of a suit anymore! No pain? Not really but we'll see tomorrow and in the coming days."

Anyone have any documented crashes so far in May or June for Roglic?

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