Will I be able to place the same question's pool on two separate market pages before 1 July 2024?
Jul 1

I want to make this question:

Will Mathieu van der Poel start at the 2024 Tour of Flanders?

And then place the same question's pool on the following two "unlinked multiple choice" markets:

Which races will Mathieu van der Poel start in the 2024 season?

Which riders will start the 2024 Tour of Flanders?


I find myself in this situation on a regular basis. Maybe not quite daily, but it is quite common. I want one pool, one binary question, and I want to display the exact same pool in multiple unlinked MC shells.


I have requested this feature numerous times over the last ~9 months, so far there is no indication the site wishes to implement it.

Resolves Yes if you can create a binary question, then add it to more than one "unlinked MC" page that all share the same pool.

Dashboards do not count. The landing page for the "multiple choice" part should include information and comments from multiple questions on a single page. It should be substantially similar to the current multiple choice pages, as of 22 March 2024. If it is slightly different, that's okay, but you should at least be able to bet on and comment on multiple options.

Remember, the key is the same pool must be shared across different shells.

Resolves No if this does not happen before the start of July, Manifold Time (Pacific).

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opened a Ṁ200 NO at 10% order

I moved the probability to 10% and left an open limit order for 500 mana with no expiration date, I don't care how much mana I lose if I am incorrect because I want this feature.