Who will win the 2024 Tour de France General Classification (Yellow Jersey)?
Jul 22
Tadej Pogacar
Jonas Vingegaard

The list of recent winners:

2023: Jonas Vingegaard
2022: Jonas Vingegaard
2021: Tadej Pogacar
2020: Tadej Pogacar
2019: Egan Bernal
2018: Geraint Thomas

I will add more information to this later when we know more about the race. There is definitely enough known about the potential competitors to start a market now, though.

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Individual markets for all remaining stages:


Other places for GC are still very competitive with one week to go:

So many markets! I will need to set aside some time to contemplate them all. Ping me or something if they don't have many traders lol.


@NicoDelon do you think tadej is doping yet?

Nah. Once in a generation athletes are a thing. Vinge is not that. Pogi is.

personally would have preferred it tighter into week 3.

tadej beat pantani's record on that climb btw

so did Jonas.

Even Landa did lol.


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It's over.

Hard to do anything about this. This Pogi would have easily won last year.


Chaos in the mountains classification!!! Short fuse market for today's stage.

Will Lazkano be able to take the outright lead or at least nab enough points to wear polka-dots on Stage 16? Or someone else?

Ça c’est fait.

It's going to be hard for Vingegaard to come back. 2 mintues is a big time gap, he hasn't looked better than Pogacar at any point during this TDF, and he doesn't have the team to put Pogacar under pressure, e.g. on Stage 20.

Watch me buy more Pogacar No!

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Don't get caught up in the day-to-day. Remember the pre-race narratives!

"Pogacar is going to fade in the final week due to his participation in the Giro"

"Jonas is going to fade in the final week due to his crash recovery"

(It's quite obvious that Remco is not subject to these issues, even though he was in the same crash as Jonas.)

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This is worse than I imagined things going for Jonas pre-race, significantly worse for him than last year.

That said, Patrick predicted on LRCP that Vingegaard will drop Pog by 2-3 minutes tomorrow, and he does analytics for VLAB, so maybe I was overindexing. His tone seem not entirely serious though (like he thought it was a bold, but possible prediction).

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@Eliza Paying respects.

it didn't even seem like bora was doing work to bring him back

They must have known how bad it is. It must be bad.

Yea what I was wondering too