Will the Impactful Forecasting Prize get at least 100 total entries?
Mar 13
M$510 bet
See https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/HDoMrQFG76QtkdrZJ/impactful-forecasting-prize-for-forecast-writeups-on-curated. Entries from the same person/group on 2 questions count as two separate entries. Feb 4, 3:12pm: (To clarify, the 2 is just an example, and this is meant to clarify how this will work for arbitrary N) Mar 2, 3:08pm: There are 2 unique submitters thus far who have submitted 5 total entries. Unsure to what extent people are waiting until the last minute (deadline is March 11), but if you are reading this and are interested the EV of entering seems pretty high! Mar 4, 11:04am: Now 9 total entries from 5 submitters with a week to go

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