What stock currently in the S&P500 will have the most growth in stock price in 2024? (1000M subsidy)
Nvidia (NVDA)
Constellation Energy (CEG)
Moderna (MRNA)
Meta Platforms (META)

Change in price (% change) from close 12/29/2023 to close 12/31/2024. Here is the current ranking for easy reference:

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Since apparently Pioneer natural resources has been acquired by Exxon it has been removed from the spreadsheet

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Folks there are literally 500 other stocks in the S&P 500.

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NVIDIA now at the top for the first time this year! Will they maintain their lead?

You can do a

File -> Share -> Publish to the Web -> copy the link for embed -> paste it in the descriptio

Then we'll see the updates directly here instead of navigating to the sheets page.

@seconduserhere Great idea! I’ll try after I get home from work if I remember. Good to see you haven’t abandoned manifold btw

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Moderna’s got an early head start after dropping nearly 50% last year they are up 10% on day one. Check out the spreadsheet I made in the description! Live updates every 20 minutes!

Alright I've decided it will just be way simpler to do the change in price of the stock rather than the total return

@DylanSlagh I think it’d be fairer to do total return on %. An increase of 1% in a stock like MELI or BRK.A is much greater than a bigger percentage increase in other stocks.

@esusatyo Do you have an easy source for YTD total return where we can look at every stock at once? Otherwise it might just have to be the way it is

@DylanSlagh I reckon you can use a YTD % gain on any stocks app.

@esusatyo Before I was talking about using YTD total return (which includes dividends). I don’t believe that’s a stat available on most stock apps. Now the market is about % change exactly like you say. I’ll make that clear that it is percentage

Amazing market idea

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@Joshua What's the resolution source? I'm googling but would be good to know how this year woul have resolved for sure.

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@Joshua I think you can get info on total return through yahoo finance but I’ll look into later and confirm

@DylanSlagh The dividend thing in particular I don't know how to find

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@Joshua anything that says “total return” or just return in general is inclusive of dividends. If necessary we can take that out and just say percent change in price if that makes it simpler.

@DylanSlagh Ah of that's how it's usually reported then that makes sense to include