Will TSLA double between 2024 and the end of 2025?

This will resolve as YES if at any point between the market open at the start of 2024 and the market close at the end of 2025 TSLA stock is twice the price it was at an earlier point in the same time range.

So for example, if in February 2024 TSLA stock drops to $200 and in March of 2025 it hits $400 then this will resolve as YES.

I may bet on this market but I will resolve fairly.

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I don't expect it to make any difference but for clarity, I will use intraday values so for example yesterday was April 21st and the intraday low was $138.80 (the low so far since the beginning of the year) so if we get an intraday high before the end of next year of $277.60 or more then this will resolve as YES.