Will the Indian government admit to involvement in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in the next 30 days?
closes Oct 19


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday that “agents of the Indian government” carried out the killing of a Sikh community leader in British Columbia last June.

This question will resolve YES if the Indian government admits to involvement in the killing of Hardeep Sing Nijjar.

Here is some (but not all) of the criteria that would count as involvement:

  • Knowingly funding or providing resources

  • The perpetrators being members of the government

  • Directly asking for the murder to occurr

Some things that would not count:

  • Knowledge, but no participation in, of the plot

  • Unknowingly funding or providing resources.

The Indian government must directly admit their involvement. This statement would have to come from a person or body credibly speaking on behalf of the Indian government. A whistleblower or rogue entity whose claims are denied or ignored would not count.

I will not bet in this market.

See also: /DanMan314/was-the-indian-government-involved

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