Will Google suffer significant consequences over violating its ads standards around opt-out?

WSJ reporting claims that "about 80% of Google’s video-ad placements on third-party sites violated promised standards".

Google has disputed this claim, posting this response: https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/transparency-and-brand-safety-on-google-video-partners/

Resolves YES if Google faces significant consequences over this. "Significant" would mean anything over $100 million in value. This would include:

  • Losing a court case with damages in excess of $100 million

  • Paying a settlement of that size or larger

  • Being fined by the FTC or any other governnment agency

  • Any combination of the above that is over $100 million

Resolves NO if this has not happened by the end of 2024.

Resolves N/A if there is an undisclosed amount of money paid in a settlement on this issue.

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What if a settlement is made but the amount is not disclosed? Would the question resolve as N/A?

@Khoja Sure, that seems reasonable. If there is an undisclosed settlement that is verifiably about this issue then I'll resolve N/A.