Will the mystery woman in Destiny's cheating secret be revealed by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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So, there were rumours abound but I don't think any of it is nearly solid enough to count it as being revealed.

Destiny frequently referred to her as an offline girl who nobody would know - but it's likely this was obscurification to stop people looking.

There were many rumours it was Lauren Southern, on the surface this did seem the most likely woman because of their sudden content separation, but as of the recent divorce it's come out that Melina made Destiny distance himself from a lot of women out of jealously like Farha, so this isn't nearly enough to confirm it. There was also Counterpoints saying in a Twitch chat that he thinks it's true and Chudlogic reading it out, but neither of these are particularly trustworthy people.

All in all, it certainly never officially came out and on review there was never any credible enough leak worthy of confirmation.

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Food for thought HmmStiny

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@dgga So YES holders think Melina is going to come out before the end of December and reveal that Destiny cheated on her with Lauren Southern? Keep in mind the cheating that this market is about happened in 2022

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Hasn't this been leaked?

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@DavidGrindle If you think it's been leaked, say who the woman is

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This feels super free, tons of people are trying all the time to leak info about him, if there is a mystery woman its 100% going to be let slip at some point in the next year.

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If this was included in the big secret trade that Destiny did with Lav then I assume it will be Lav Leaked. She's unironically Sprite driven. A 21% chance is way too low.

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