Will Kurzgesagt's new Space Birds game be free to play?

Kurzgesagt just announced a new space themed game: Space Birds!



"Free to play" reqirements:

  • Free to download.

  • No paywalls during regular gameplay.

  • A player must be able to beat the game without spending money.

  • No paid stuff that gives huge advantage over other players.

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All in on no. If I'm wrong, I can just buy back the losses with the money I would have spent on the game!

The opportunity cost sucks, though...

Kurzgesagt-fans are probably willing to spend a lot of money as soon as the brand name is on it. I don't think free-to-play makes much sense here.

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They did something very similar with Universe in a Nutshell


and it cost money, so I am very, very sure this will too.

@Interrobang Yeah, probably. Thank you for the data, didn't know about this app!

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