Will Manifold implement some kind of "smart-sell" feature by end of April?

It's pretty common that I want to bet on a market but don't have enough uninvested money, so I have to sell something. It's annoying to constantly have to sort through my positions for what to sell, so it'd be nice if Manifold had some sort of smart-sell feature that automatically identified the way to raise some amount of capital while moving markets the least, or something like that. Maybe there's a confirm button so you can see what it's selling. I'm not sure about the exact details, but it would be a super useful feature for me!

Ideally it would be doable from the bet page, but even if you can only do it from the portfolio page that's okay. The critical condition is that, if you want to bet M$500, it will show you a way to raise M$500, without you having to manually sort through your portfolio.

Hopefully it's relatively well-specified what I want? Resolves YES if implemented by end of April 2023, NO otherwise, N/A if it's somehow ambiguous.

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but ... but manifold want you to buy mana, not to reuse your mana.
(tho as i say probably picked off by acc anyways so maybe it doesn't matter)

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@acc *Rubbing it's hands*

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A portfolio sort order by how much you could sell without moving the market too much (i.e. max of your position and some measure of market liquidity) seems like it could be a good first step here that wouldn't be too hard!